Mehasini For Diabetes

Mehasini is a natural Ayurvedic herbal food for Diabetic patients without any side effects. Diabetes will beMehasini – Natural herbal food for diabetic patients controlled by using the medicinal food for 90 days continuously. This medicinal food aims at re-generating the destroyed beta cells and thereby producing the required quantity of Insulin which keeps the sugar level in the blood normal. It is a nutritious natural herbal food for diabetic patients.

If sufficient quantity of Insulin is not produced in a person, the body fails to utilise Sugar properly and became diabetic. Insulin is a hormone produced by beta cells in the body. Mehasini helps to develop and build up cells.

Mehasini, a medical food can be used two times a day. Usual daily dose is 1-2 table spoon Mehasini every morning and evening mix with 250ml of boiled milk or boiled water. To get the best result use 90 days continuously.

Contents Cereals,Pulses and Herbs.
Ingrediants Iron,Calcium Fat,Protein,Fibre,Vitamin A,C and E.
Fe(Iron) Healthy blood formation and increases stamina.
Calcium Growth and maintenance of bones.
Protein Helps build muscle tissue growth or maintenance of muscle tissue.
Fibre Absorbs sugar.
Vitamin A For keen eye sight and vision.
Vitamin C Helps protect against infection and maintenance of tissues. 
Vitamin E Releases energy – Acts as an anti-oxident.

Mehasini fortifies essential components of diet naturally. This product offers a supportive role in the treatment of diabetes. Diabetic patients are getting fast complete recovery from general debility. It promotes fast sense of well being in diabetes. Mehasini contains fibre, proteins, iron and vitamines. It decreases the post prandial glucose level in a considerable amount. It ameliarate the symptoms of diabetesnd improve the general condition of the patient. Usual daily dose is 1-2 table spoon Mehasini every morning and evening.



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