Wajee Vita

Wajee Vita For Impotency

Wajee Vita – A medicine for Impotency and Nervelessness. It is a Rejuvinating Medicinal Food which can be included in daily diet. Wajee Vita – Rejuvinating medicinal foodLeydig cells in the pitutory gland is producing a hormone-Testo Steron. This helps for stimulation and secreting of semen. The deficiency of this folicle stimulating hormone (FSH) leads to impotency. The herbal medicine WAJEE VITA regenerate leydig cells and thereby producing Testosterone.

Usage: 25 gm of Wajee Vita mix with boiled milk, after supper. For best results use 90 days continuously. This has no side effects. Avoid alcohol for quick and permanent result.


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